Don’t fail the test!, Re: Seeking to Test Blockade, New Set of Activists Heads to Gaza, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, June 4, 2010

On no account should Israel weaken it’s maritime blockade of Gaza by failing to intercept the Rachel Corrie. The ship should be boarded and the cargo inspected, for the same reasons that the blockade exists to begin with…the safety of Israel’s population and the country’s national security depend on it.

If the blockade is weakened or breached there is no doubt that rockets with the ability to reach any part of Israel and murder and maim thousands if not millions of Israelis would be smuggled into Gaza. There is also no doubt that these rockets would be used as soon as possible. The only way Israel’s enemies can get these weapons of mass destruction into firing range at the present time is to bring them into Gaza by sea. If they succeed in doing so Israeli blood would flow and the country’s national security and very existence would be severely compromised at best and jeopardized at worst. Those are two of three reasons why the blockade cannot be weakened and why Israel cannot succumb to pressure to water it down, the third being that doing so would do nothing but embolden Israel’s enemies and bring an attack and war that much closer. That is exactly what would happen if Israel was perceived as being weak and unable or unwilling to protect herself and that is exactly what would happen if she backed down and failed this test and others to come.

Look at it as an extension of Israel’s security wall and blame her enemies for it’s existence. After all, if the Palestinians, the Iranians, Hamas, Hezbollah and the lot would recognize and accept Israel’s legitimate right to exist and allow Israelis to live in peace and security the blockade, the wall and all the other protective measures would not be necessary.

People who are concerned for the safety of the misguided activists on board the Rachel Corrie have nothing to be concerned about in any event. The public relations flacks who are their minders will ensure that there are no weapons of any kind on board and that the cargo consists entirely of aid supplies. They will also ensure that the activists refrain from violence and comply peacefully with Israeli instructions, all of this as part of an attempt to hoodwink the world into thinking that efforts to break the blockade are benign and that the violence which occurred earlier this week when the flotilla was stopped and boarded was the Israeli commandos fault and an overreaction on their part.

It’s all nothing more than political theatre and a public relations game, which is why the activists on board the Rachel Corrie are safe, far safer for example than Israeli civilians who are being fired upon from Gaza as we speak.

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