Another lie from the despots in Iran, Re: Iran to help ships breach blockade, National Post, June 7, 2010

Iran’s threat to escort convoys to Gaza has nothing to do with delivering humanitarian aid there. It has several motives but delivering aid is not one of them. The Iranians are lying and trying to hoodwink the world into thinking that they want to ensure that aid gets through by sea but that is patently not the case.

Iran has at least six basic motives in making this threat.

First, it wants to prevent Israel from intercepting and boarding ships and inspecting their cargo. This would allow Iran to bring weapons into Gaza by sea, weapons which would be used to attack Israel and murder and maim Israelis. It wants to break Israel’s maritime blockade of Gaza because that will enable it to vastly increase the number, range and killing power of weapons it already supplies to Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

Second, Iran wants to provoke Israel into taking military action against escorts because it believes that it will cause outrage around the world, outrage which would lead to further isolation and opprobrium and a weakening of America’s resolve to stand by it’s ally and friend.

Third, it wants to establish a seaport on the Mediterranean and breaking the blockade would enable it to do so in Gaza. The seaport would very quickly turn into a military base, from which Iran could threaten other countries in the Middle East and Europe in addition to Israel. It would dramatically increase Iran’s military capability and enable Iran to assert itself on the world stage and force it’s will on others in ways it currently cannot.

Fourth, it wants to prevent Turkey from becoming a dominant power in the region and hold on to it’s position as the Middle East’s strongest and most implacable foe of Israel and the West. It sees itself as the natural leader in Islam’s fight against Zionism, Capitalism and Western Civilization in general and wants to regain the momentum it lost when Turkey gained the world’s attention over the flotilla incident. Iran and Turkey have longstanding religious and political differences and the Iranians feel they need to make some sort of dramatic gesture to retain their bona fides in the Islamic world.

Fifth, the Iranians want to divert attention away from their nuclear weapons development program and widen rifts in the United Nations Security Council over how to deal with it. Focusing attention on the blockade and Gaza would enable them to do that.

Sixth, Iran wants to wipe Israel, the Little Satan, off the face of the earth and then conquer the United States, the Great Satan, on the way to establishing a world wide Islamic Caliphate. Breaking the blockade would bring them that much closer to achieving those goals.

Delivering humanitarian aid…what a great big lie!

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