The Mideast Divide, Re: The Middle East’s Moral Gulf, Editorial, National Post, March 23, 2009

The Arab world, including Palestinians, are the ones that should be held accountable for the lamentable situation in the Middle East, a situation which is entirely unnecessary. Israel’s actions are predicated on one thing and one thing only: survival in an extremely hostile environment. Arab actions are predicated on Israel’s destruction. It has never been any different.

Palestinians could have had their own state and there could have been peace and prosperity for all generations ago if not for Arab intransigence. Indeed, peace would come quickly and Palestinian lives would improve exponentially if the Arab world truly recognized Israel’s right to exist and stopped trying to destroy it. Their failure to do so is the real immorality.

Nothing will change until they do and everything will change when they do. In the meantime, Israel will do what it needs to to survive, like any other nation.

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