The purpose below the surface, Re: Iran to send aid ships to Gaza, Al Jazeera English Website, June 14, 2010

Two Iranian ships carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza will try to breach Israel’s blockade next week.

The purpose of the voyage is not to deliver aid of course because the Iranians know perfectly well that Israel will maintain the blockade and intercept the ships. If there is humanitarian aid aboard Israel will offload the cargo and offer to allow it into Gaza by land-Hamas has refused such offers in the past however. It will not be allowed into Gaza by sea and the Iranians are well aware of this.

The real purpose is to evaluate America’s response to the attempted breach. If the United States chastises the Israelis, fails to take concrete measures to help Israel carry out the blockade and does nothing to prevent additional attempts to breach it in the future Iran and others will be encouraged to send more and more ships under the pretense of helping the Palestinians, ships that will contain weapons that would be used by Hamas to murder and maim Israelis and threaten Israel’s national security. Conversely, if the U.S. makes it clear that it fully supports the blockade because it is a necessary part of Israel’s efforts to keep weapons out of Hamas hands and that it will view attempts to breach it with the utmost seriousness and act accordingly, Iran and others will be discouraged from trying to smuggle weapons into Gaza by sea and fewer and fewer ships will try.

The Iranians are trying to measure the depth of America’s commitment to Israel and that is what this attempt is really all about. If the United States won’t support and defend Israel in instances such as this it most assuredly won’t suport and defend Israel if she ups the ante and undertakes more serious acts, up to and including military attacks which could conceivably include nuclear bombs. Until they are stopped continuously upping the ante is exactly what the Iranians would do.

Israel is also trying to measure the depth of America’s commitment as well. If the United States truly can’t be counted on Israelis will come to the conclusion that Israel has to act on it’s own in the name of national survival and, among other things, attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, the sooner the better. It really is all about killing or being killed. If the U.S. won’t prevent Israel from being killed it will have to prevent it itself. Whether or not America will do so is what everyone is trying to figure out.

Nobody in the Middle East ever earned respect or survived by being weak and unwilling or unable to do whatever is required to defend themselves. The sword is the only thing that will keep Iran or anyone else from attacking Israel…whether the sword is American or Israeli and when it will be used are really the only questions.

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