Quit complaining and get on with it, Re: The Blockade, Gaza, National Post, July, 3, 2010

Palestinians are in fact among the most fortunate people in the world because their fate is entirely in their own hands, which is a lot more than countless others can say.

All they have to do to have their own state and improve their lives exponentially is recognize and accept Israel’s right to exist, stop demonizing and villifying Jews, renounce violence and allow Israelis to live in real peace and security. If they did those things the world would very quickly offer every possible assistance and their circumstances would change for the better virtually overnight. The world includes the Israelis because no one wants real peace and security more than they do.

It is completely their own fault however if they allow themselves to continue to wallow in hate and self pity and remain too stupid and intransigent to change their attitudes and behavior toward Israel. In that case they deserve no sympathy at all. They deserve disgust, condemnation and anger because their unnecessary and shortsighted actions imperil us all, not just the Israelis.

Bring down the blockade? Only they can do that.

The ball is in their court, as it always has been.

Lucky them.

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