History and attitudes demand nothing less, Re: Palestine-Minus Arms, National Post, June 15, 2009

Given the weight and lesons of history and the virulent anti-Semitism that is endemic in Palestinian and Arab societies, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s conditions for the creation of a Palestinian state are entirely reasonable, sensible and justifiable.

Allowing a Palestinian state to be armed and control airspace would guarantee war because Palestinians believe that Israel is illegitimate and an affront to them and their religion. An armed state controlling airspace would simply give them the means to act on these beliefs on a national level, which they would no doubt do.

That Israel is a Jewish state is self evident and to say otherwise denies reality and history. It is disingenuous in the extreme and is merely a smokescreen to keep the Palestinian “right of return” alive, which in turn is merely a smokescreen for the eventual elimination of Israel as a Jewish state.

Palestinians who fled in 1948 and 1967 cannot be “repatriated” because allowing them to return would overwhelm Israelis demographically and fundamentally change their country’s character. See above. A mass return would be unprecedented in history as well and there are several other viable solutions to dealing with the refugee problem in any case.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the historical and biblical reasons for this are indisputable.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s opening the door to a Palestinian state subject to conditions which guarantee Israel’s security and existence is a very important and significant step. None of the conditions prevent Palestinians from creating a prosperous and generous state that would be an example to the world, as Israelis have done. They would be well advised to stop their bleating, seize this moment in history and get on with the business of building their nation. They have no one to blame except themselves if they don’t.

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