Is stupidity a firing offense? How about malfeasance? Re: Obama, Petraeus at odds on ‘Islam’, Washington Times, July 12, 2010

When President Obama fired General Stanley McChrystal from his position as Commander of United States and NATO troops in Afghanistan he stated that division on his National Security Team would not be tolerated and that unity is an obligation, not an option.

U.S. policy bans the use of the words Islam and Islamic when describing the terrorist threat to America. The ban comes straight from the White House and Obama cannot have been clearer…no link is to be made between terrorism, America’s terrorist enemies and Islam.

The doctrine the United States is fighting under in Afghanistan and Iraq directly contravenes this policy. It was written by General David Petraeus and co-authored by General James Amos. It speaks about Islamic extremists, insurgents and subversives, details ties between terrorists and Muslim support groups and links Islam itself to all of them.

General Petraeus replaced General McChrystal and General Amos was chosen by the President to be the next Commander of the United States Marine Corps and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Both have long and distinguished military careers, as indeed does General McChrystal. Will they be fired too, now that this breach of policy and fundamental disagreement between them and Obama has become public knowledge?

No they won’t because the political consequences for the President would be enormous if he did. Firing them would be unacceptable to the American people and his Presidency could very well not recover, especially since his approval ratings are already among the lowest in history and have been for some time. Obama will do what he always does…place practicality and expedience over principle and blame and scapegoat whoever he can while trying to weasel his way out of a difficult situation. He’ll force Petraeus and Amos to publically modify their beliefs or attempt to revamp the doctrine or some such thing. One thing is sure though. He won’t change the original policy, even though it is patently idiotic, shackles Americans in the war against terrorists and terrorism and makes them far more vulnerable then they otherwise would be. Like good military men anywhere the Generals understand that ‘knowing thine enemy’ is paramount. President Obama either doesn’t  know who America’s enemies really are, which is bad enough, or does and refuses to acknowledge them for political and ideological reasons, which is even worse. 

Obama didn’t really do his homework, manufactured a previously non -existent problem for perceived political gain when he fired McChrystal and wound up having to deal with a crisis entirely of his own making that was completely avoidable. On top of that he instituted a policy that reeks of stupidity and malfeasance and clearly jepardizes national security, among other things. It’s an old story by now.

Pathetic, isn’t it? Dangerous too.

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