Burqa Bans and Creeping Islamization in Canada, Re: Under a veil of prejudice, Toronto Globe & Mail, July 16, 2010

Burqas aren’t being banned in Canada, notwithstanding the hysterical pronouncements of those who would convince others that they are. Veiling one’s face while giving or receiving public services is being banned, nothing more. It is perfectly permissible to wear a full burqa while walking down a Canadian street for example. It is not permissible to wear a full burqa if a woman is teaching in a public school or testifying in court or if she has to show her face to be photographed for a passport or driver’s license or other such scenarios. Those are very different things. None of these restrictions have anything to do with prejudice, regardless of what the so called victims say.

This is not the same as the situation in Europe where several countries have passed all encompassing bans and others are considering doing the same. Creeping Islamization has been a serious problem there for a long time and burqa bans are one manifestation of a long overdue backlash, others being the Swiss voting to ban the construction of minarets on mosques and Geert Wilder’s Freedom Party winning twenty four seats and coming in third in last month’s general elections in Holland.

Creeping Islamization is a serious problem in Canada too and hopefully a backlash will happen there as well once Canadians wake up and see how much it truly threatens their values and way of life. The end result of creeping Islamization is the implementation of sharia law and Canada becoming an Islamic nation as opposed to a free, democratic, secular, Western one. This would happen bit by bit over time until the country is changed irrevocably. Canadians would be well advised to open their eyes and stop it from proceeding further than it already has.

Now. While they still can.

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