Don’t take him seriously, Re: Castro warns of nuclear war in Middle East, Turkish Weekly, July 17, 2010

Castro is just making mischief in order to maintain his bona fides as a despotic anti-American, anti-Israel zealot. Nuclear war is not going to happen in the Middle East because Iran is not going to become a nuclear power. Israel won’t let that occur. Israelis will attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities before Iran can develop nuclear weapons, thereby preventing nuclear war in the region.

If Iran did possess nuclear weapons there is no doubt she would attack Israel with them, in which case Israelis would have to respond in kind. That’s nuclear war. A preemptive strike by Israel in order to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands isn’t. That’s preventing nuclear war and that is what’s going to happen in due course. Israel has to keep Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons for reasons of national survival, military means are the only way to accomplish that and the United States under President Obama doesn’t have the will or foresight to do the job itself.

When Israelis wipe out Iran’s nuclear development program nuclear war in the Middle East will be averted, for which everyone will owe Israel a huge amount of gratitude. Even Castro and Obama.

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