Can she really do that?, Re: Clinton heads to Afghanistan, Washington Times, July 17, 2010

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on her way to Afghanistan hoping to refine the goals of the war there.

This is typical of the Obama administration. If the goals of a particular project haven’t been met and aren’t going to be met standard procedure is to blame somebody else (George Bush, Hamid Karzai, Stanley McChrystal or a myriad of others in Afghanistan’s case) and/or change the goals. Obama and his minion Clinton are doing both in this instance.

Preventing terrorist attacks on the American homeland was the original reason the United States went into Afghanistan. Fighting terrorists there so that they wouldn’t have to be fought in America was talked about time and time again as the rationale for sending troops.

That goal has not been met, nor will it no matter how many troops are sent or how long the U.S. stays. Obama’s feckless, reckless and non-sensical domestic and foreign policies guarantee more and more attacks on American soil and Clinton has played a leading role in bringing them about.

Rumors are circulating in Washington that Clinton is considering challenging Obama for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination in 2012. If she is serious about mounting a challenge she should resign as Secretary of State, leave the administration, divorce herself from Obama’s policies and way of doing things and go on the offensive against him. Obama is among the most unpopular Presidents in American history and there is every indication his approval ratings will continue to plummet before the next election. The longer she stays with him the more she jeopardizes her own political ambitions because being tainted and tarred with the same brush is inevitable.

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