Islam in New York City, Chapter Two, Re: The real issue in mosque debate, New York Post, July 21, 2010

Construction of a giant mosque overlooking the site of the destroyed World Trade Center in New York City is being proposed. The proposed mosque is 13 stories tall, would cost one hundred million dollars to build and would be called Cordoba House. If construction is allowed to go ahead it’s opening date would be September 11, 2011, the tenth anniversary of the worst mass murder in American history when thousands of innocent people were killed by Muslims acting in the name of Islam. The mosque and the opening date constitute a deliberate insult to the memory of those who died and a warning to freedom loving people everywhere.

There are many reasons why a mosque should not be constructed within sight of the World Trade Center killing ground, the most important having to do with the main factor motivating those who want to put it there to begin with. The name of the new mosque is a dead giveaway, even for those with only a passing interest in Islam. Cordoba in Spain was the capital city of Muslim conquerors who celebrated their victory over Spanish Christians by turning a church there into one of the largest mosque complexes in the world. Cordoba symbolizes conquest in the Islamic mantra.

Islam is in fact a religion of conquest and violence which has no tolerance or respect for people of other faiths and creeds, especially Christians and Jews, especially Americans and Israelis. It’s purpose is to subdue unbelievers and force them to live under Islamic law, sharia. That is precisely it’s aim in the United States and the rest of the Western world and a mosque at Ground Zero would help it do exactly that. It would move Islamization in the U.S. and elsewhere forward by leaps and bounds.

Muslims consider conquered territory and people to be forever under the sway of Islam and they can never be seen as anything else. Placing a mosque so close to the World Trade Center, particularly a megamosque like the one being proposed, would enable them to see New York as conquered territory and view it as a bridgehead leading to the subjugation of the entire United States as well. Mosques are symbols of triumph and conquest and individual churches, synagogues, temples and shrines have been converted to them throughout Islamic history, if they haven’t been destroyed that is. Putting a megamosque two blocks away from the spot where Islam’s adherents murdered three thousand Americans and other infidels…in America’s most prominent city and one with a very large Jewish population no less…literally and metaphorically you can’t send a clearer message than that.

Of course New Yorkers, Americans, can send a clear message of  their own by preventing the mosque from being constructed. They would be saying that they are not willing to accept the erosion of their values and way of life, that Islamization will be fought and that America is not an Islamic nation and won’t become one. They would be telling the mosque’s proponents that New Yorkers, Americans, live in a free, democratic, secular society, have no wish to live under an Islamic regimen and will not allow that to happen.

Chapter one was the destruction of the World Trade Center and the deaths it caused. Chapter two is the current battle being fought over the construction of Cordoba House and the Islamization of America. Chapter three is yet to be written but there are encouraging signs for those who love freedom. Americans may be beginning to wake up and recognize the true nature of Islam and the serious threat it poses to them. Will they open their eyes in time and keep Islam from taking over the country-that’s the real issue.

Here’s hoping the opposition prevails and the mosque never gets built.

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