What will the United Nations do now?, Re: Hamas slams UN over aid deliveries, Al Jazeera English Website, July 24, 2010

Hamas has accused the United Nations of collaborating with Israel because it has asked groups sending aid to Gaza to send it by land instead of by sea. The rationale is transparent. It has everything to do with Israel’s naval blockade and nothing to do with aid reaching Gaza. Ships trying to break the blockade are stopped and inspected before being allowed to proceed. Every time that happens Hamas has an opportunity to try and take political advantage of the situation. Aid coming in by land doesn’t afford it the same opportunities at all.

Palestinians are the second largest per capita recipients of foreign aid in the last decade. Approximately ten billion dollars worth has been sent to them during that time. Virtually all of it arrived by land. Will Hamas accuse the donors of collaborating with Israel and refuse to accept it? It would be the principled thing to do but since Hamas has never allowed principles to get in the way of politics and expediency it’s obviously not going to happen. Even browbeaten and cowed Palestinians wouldn’t put up with that. Talk about a lack of gratitude and exposing themselves for the hypocrites they are…with one hand Hamas accepts billions in aid and with the other it wants to control the means of transmission for it’s own nefarious political purposes.

The United Nations is without doubt an extremely anti-Israeli organization and always has been. For it to be accused of collaborating with Israel is beyond laughable. What will it do to refute the allegation, to regain it’s standing in the Islamic world so to speak? Time will tell, but whatever it is Hamas will try to use it to it’s own advanage just like it does  everything else, truth be damned.

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