War in the Middle East coming very soon, Re: Troops die in Israel-Lebanon clash, Al Jazeera English Website, August 4, 2010

There will be war in the Middle East any time now because Iran and the Arab world want one to take place as soon as possible. They are trying very hard to provoke Israel into launching hostilities so that they can claim a propaganda victory even if they lose militarily. They understand that the United States will not intervene on Israel’s behalf or do anything substantial to restrain them prior to the upcoming mid-term elections in America and that this unwillingness to assist Israel will almost assuredly change should the Republicans make significant gains or even achieve majority status in the House of Representatives and/or Congress, which could very well occur. Their window for taking advantage of the current situation is really only three months long, which means that in the next 90 days we can expect attacks on Israel to increase in number and severity as her enemies try to force her into war by committing more and more acts of murder and mayhem.

Should Israel take the bait? Absolutely. Restraint will accomplish nothing, least of all prevent further attacks, protect Israeli lives or improve Israel’s image internationally. If anything it will encourage her enemies and further endanger the lives of her citizens and the country’s national security. Diplomacy, concessions and holding back won’t keep the enemy at bay. Power is the only thing Israel’s enemies really understand and respond to and power alone can keep Israel and Israelis safe. That includes it’s manifestations like the blockade, the security wall and the checkpoints of course. Israel is seen as weak, vulnerable and without friends at the moment, which is why her enemies think the time is right for war and why they are making so much mischief. It is incumbent upon Israel to show them that they are wrong.

War is coming soon alright and Israel will fight because she has to, not because she wants to. As always.

You can thank the usual list of suspects for that.

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