President Bush and President Obama, Toronto Globe & Mail, March 18, 2009

So Jeffrey Simpson is critical of George Bush for “The deregulation, the blind adherence to ideology, the growing deficits he bequethed, the shredding social safety net, the two expensive and unresolved wars, the unfunded health-care programs: These all weigh heavily now on the United States and, by extension, on the world.” (There he was, in perhaps the only city in Canada that would have him, Globe & Mail, March 18, 2009).

I wonder if Mr. Simpson will be equally critical of President Obama after he leaves office for his obsession with regulation, his unwavering devotion to the ideology of big government, the incomprehensible deficits he’s saddling us and future generations with, his unwillingness to rise to military threats against America and it’s allies, the continued degeneration of the American educational and health care systems and so on.

If Obama doesn’t show a lot more skill and spine than he has to date he’ll be a one term President like Jimmy Carter, much of what we hold dear wil be eroded or will have disappeared altogether and the world will be much worse off than it was when he began his presidency. His legacy will also pale in comparison to that of Mr. Bush.

Very worrisome indeed. Let’s hope that Obama has learned the lessons of history and that he turns out to be a strong, visionary, effective leader, not just another weak, opportunistic politician. The stakes are incredibly high for everyone.

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