Of course he won’t, Re: Will Holder investigate Obama pal for providing material support to Hamas?, American Thinker, August 7, 2010

Rashid Khalidi is an old friend and confidant of President Obama and a longstanding anti-Israeli activist. He is currently involved in an effort to send an American ship to break the Israeli maritime blockade of Gaza, which Israel sees as essential to it’s national security. Sending a ship to try and break the blockade is clearly illegal under U.S. law and there are several provisions in it which could be used to investigate and/or prosecute Khalidi and other organizers, including ones which prohibit providing material support to terrorist groups such as Hamas. The Department of Justice under Attorney General Holder would have to take the lead however and that means the Government of the United States is not going to do anything at all to prevent the ship from sailing. There are many reasons for this (none of which hold up under close scrutiny I might add) but two in particular stand out.

The first is the antipathy towards Israel which is rooted in the oval office and is pervasive throughout Obama’s administration. There is no question that America’s relationship with Israel has deteriorated markedly since Obama was elected and that this deterioration has compromised American interests in the Middle East and around the world. The President simply has no real understanding or apreciation of the importance of the U.S. relationship with Israel and of the depth of the ties between the two countries. This animus and ignorance allows him to rationalize actions which are obviously not in the best interests of either nation. His sympathies lie in the Muslim and Arab camp, not the Israeli or American one, and this has prevented him from looking at the Middle East through an unbiased lens, or taking serious measures to combat the Islamization of the United States either for that matter.

The second reason has to do with collusion, or rather Obama being accused of colluding with individuals with terrorist and Jihadist mindsets and proclivities who are involved in illegal activities which are inimical to the interests of the U.S. and one of her most important long term allies, if not the most important. It defies belief to think that Khalidi hasn’t discussed the possibility of sending a ship to Gaza with Obama and received his tacit approval to try and do so. If the Justice Department investigates the affair Obama’s involvement and the reasons behind it could easily become public, which at best would be extremely damaging politically and at worst would mean the end of his Presidency. Even if he is absolved of any wrongdoing through political chicanery or manipulating or intimidating the main stream media he would be even more tainted in the eyes of the electorate than he already is. Not investigating or prosecuting Khalidi is the best way to keep Obama from being called to account over his handling of this affair and of national security and foreign policy issues in general, to keep a lid on things as it were.

For now anyway.

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