Response to Fearful, divided and outraged, Toronto Globe & Mail, March 14, 2009

No one should be surprised at the results of the recent election in Israel. With the country under attack from all sides and the very existence of the nation called into question and seriously threatened how could Israelis have voted any differently? Only military might and the willingness to use it stand between Israel and oblivion. The Israeli electorate understans that, which of course accounts for the election results. The country simply would not survive if not for the strength of it’s military and the threat this poses to those who would destroy it. Unfortunately, that’s the way things are in the Middle East and just as unfortunately it has always been thus.

Anger and outrage over this state of affairs should not be directed towards Israel as it is simply responding to it’s environment. Palestinians in particular and the Arab world in general are entirely to blame for the carnage in the Middle East and bear full responsibility for the bloodshed and suffering that is going on there. None of this would be happening if they would accept Israel’s right to exist and allow Israelis to live in peace, free from attack and the death and destruction that is constantly being rained down upon them. There could be peace in very short order if Arabs truly wanted it. That they choose otherwise means that the consequences are on their shoulders and no one elses.

So Israel has a hawkish government and a strong military which it is willing, however reluctantly, to use….thank goodness for that. Given the circumstances what else would anyone expect? For those who want peace in the Middle East there is only one way to achieve it. Get Arabs to recognize Israel and stop bombing and killing and trying to wipe it off the map.

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