They tell us that…Re: Murdered Christian Humanitarians Memorialized In Kabul: What Do Their Murders Really Tell Us?, FrontPage Magazine, August 15, 2010

They tell us that the Taliban and their Islamic brethren all over the world would murder us in a minute for not being a follower of Islam or for violating some dictate of the religion of death, Muslim or not. These murders (and innumerable others like them) tell us what the killers really are…callous, inhuman, unthinking, primitive monsters, whether they’re called Islamists, Jihadists, Extremists or anything else.

They tell us that these people have absolutely no respect for human life and that women, children, the elderly and the helpless are not immune from their brutality.

They tell us that we may be killed, mutilated, tortured, raped or any combination thereof regardless of any mitigating circumstances, that there are in fact no mitigating circumstances.

They tell us that disgust, contempt and hatred of Christians and Jews, Americans and Israelis, is visceral and bred in the bone.

They tell us that Islam is atavistic and is not compatible with a civilized, pluralistic society because of it’s beliefs and the demands it makes on it’s adherents.

Most important of all, they tell us what’s in our future unless we stop the Islamization of our society and keep it from making further inroads in our way of life. That’s the only thing which will prevent us from living in an Islamic country, with all of the attendant violence, degradation, misogyny, cruelty and death.

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