What comes next?, Re: More warnings-this time from Europe-about imminent terror attack, American Thinker, October 7, 2010

Warnings about the imminence of large scale, coordinated terrorist attacks in Europe based on the 2008 Mumbai model which killed 266 people have been widespread recently. Whether the rumors are true and whether a particular plot will be foiled is virtually irrelevant. At some point, attacks in some form will take place and countless people will be murdered and maimed as they go about their daily business in London, Paris, Berlin or elsewhere. That is a foregone conclusion because it is impossible to prevent all such potential attacks from succeeding, despite the best efforts of security and intelligence services. Sooner or later one has to be successful. The London and Madrid bombings will pale in comparison because terrorists have become much more sophisticated and capable since those atrocities occurred. What then, we might well wonder?

No one really knows of course. One thing is certain though. If Western civilization is to survive all of us have to understand that we are at war with a ferocious and implacable enemy that reviles us and our values and will stop at nothing to destroy our way of life. That is something many of us fail to recognize or are afraid to admit. Perhaps mass casualties on the soil of several European countries will drive this message home and awaken us from our somnolence, Europeans, Canadians and Americans alike. Especially Americans, because the United States is the strongest, most able nation in the free world. That has to happen in order for us to take on and overcome our foes and if it takes large scale, coordinated terrorist attacks in Europe to wake us up so be it.

Who and what is our enemy you ask? Al-Qaeda in all it’s forms of course but beyond that Islam, the religion of death. Every single terrorist attack against the West is committed in the name of Islam and under the guise of Islamic ideology. Every one. It is Islam that must be discredited and defeated and the sooner we get on with it the better. Our future and our lives depend on it.

The clock, after all, is ticking.

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