Israeli Apartheid Week, Re: Israeli Apartheid Week no “hatefest”, National Post, March 10, 2009

Since Judy Rebick and Alan Sears believe free expression is paramount on university campuses across the land they couldn’t possibly object to the implementation of Arab Idiocy Week at universities throughout Canada in order to provide a counterpoint to the recent Israeli Apartheid Week i.e. to balance the scales as it were. Palestinian and Arab students would be subjected to exactly the same kind of activities in reverse during Arab Idiocy Week as Israeli and Jewish students were during Israeli Apartheid Week. Nothing could be fairer than that.

Activities during the week would include physically harassing pro-Palestinian students, especially Muslims and Arabs, displaying intimidating and inflammatory placards and posters, holding rallies which demonize and villify Palestinians and call for an end to them and their institutions, shouting down and shutting up anyone who begs to differ, lying and historical revisionism, spewing hate and intolerance towards Palestinians based on their religion and ethnicity and other such actions which seem to have become acceptable when directed towards Jews and Israelis. In the interest of fairness and balance if they can be subjected to them during Israeli Apartheid Week why can’t Arabs be subjected to them during Arab Idiocy Week….what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, isn’t it?

Various themes based on the week’s title could also be emphasized. For example.

Hezbollah and Hamas; sick sons of sick societies and why the Arab world encourages and supports them despite the damage they do to everyone.

Arab refusal to recognize Israel and it’s right to exist and how this eliminates any possibility of peace and prosperity for Palestinians.

Tolerating the use of women and children as human shields and what this says about Palestinian society.

Buying in to Islamist propaganda and the terrible effect this has on people everywhere, including Palestinians themselves.

Allowing thugs and villains to dominate and debilitate Palestinian life.

Arab refusal to accept any blame or responsibility for the predicament Palestinians find themselves in and what this means for the world.

The list goes on…..

Arab Idiocy Week. Why not? It’s no more ludicrous, shameful. odious and self-serving than Israeli Apartheid Week so let’s get on with it, in the name of free expression, fairness and balance of course. After all, it’s not anti-Arab any more than Israeli Apartheid Week is anti-Semitic and therefore nothing less is demanded. It’s the Canadian way.

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