Don’t forget President Obama, Re: Iran President thanks Pope for condemning Koran threat, BBC News Website, October 7, 2010

President Obama will be upset to learn that Ahmadinejad didn’t thank him as well. After all, he also condemned the plan to burn Korans, even though Pastor Jones was perfectly free under U.S. law to burn them if he saw fit. Obama’s condemnation was a failure to defend Jones’s right to freedom of expression and a violation of his oath of office. You know, the bit about defending and protecting the Constitution of the United States, where freedom of expression is enshrined. The least Ahmadinejad could do is thank him too.

Actually, if Ahmadinejad wants to be thankful for anything he should be thankful that President Obama is feckless and weak and doesn’t have the sense or strength to prevent Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons.

Maybe he’ll write a thank you note after he gets the bomb in his hands. Obama will no doubt appreciate it if he does.

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