The U.S. Should Issue It’s Own Ultimatum, Re: U.S. Given 1 Month To Save Talks-Arab League issues ultimatum over Mideast, National Post, October 9, 2010

There are two preconditions for real, lasting peace in the Middle East. Israel’s legitimate right to exist has to be recognized and accepted and the country’s security has to be guaranteed…Israeli’s themselves have to be able to live free of the constant threat of being murdered or maimed and Israel itself has to be free of the constant threat of being attacked and obliterated. The current peace talks, like all others before them, are completely pointless and destined to fail because neither the Palestinians or anyone else in the Arab world are willing to meet these basic, fundamental requirements.

Not to mention the Iranians.

Leaving them aside, the Arab world has never been serious about making peace with Israel nor has it ever had the best interests of the Palestinians at heart. If it was otherwise there could have been peace and the Palestinian’s could have had their own state generations ago. Historically, all the Arab world has ever really wanted to do is annihilate Israel and remove it from the face of the earth and that is all it really wants to do today.

The United States should make it clear to the Arab League that it will not promote or participate in any more phony peace talks until the preconditions are met and that until they are any sort of peace process is nothing more than a waste of time, a charade and a mask of the League’s true intentions.

What’s that old saying , ‘poop or get off the pot’? That’s what the Americans should tell the Arabs. They should also tell them that they will not be threatened or coerced, that they will not allow Israel’s national security to be compromised and that they will react accordingly against those who attempt to do so.

The Iranians should get the same message as well.

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