An old, tragic story, Re: Fourteen centuries of hatred, National Post, October 12, 2010

The Post will undoubtedly receive many letters saying that what Jonathan Kay wrote in his review of Martin Gilbert’s new book, In Ishmael’s House-A History Of Jews In Muslim Lands, is exaggerated, misleading or even untrue. Some letter writers may cry Islamophobia or talk about Palestinians phony right of return to Israel or dismiss the book entirely because Gilbert himself is Jewish. Knowledgeable and fair minded readers will not pay any attention to these ignorant apologists however. Everything in Gilbert’s book is demonstrably true, tragically so. It’s really just the latest indictment of Muslims and Islam, for those who care to listen that is.

It should also be required reading for anyone who harbors doubts about Islam and is concerned about the inroads it is making in Western societies and the threat it poses to the survival of Western civilization. Jews have always been the proverbial ‘canary in the coal mine’ and if Islam succeeds in having them treated in the West as the Koran says they should be everyone else won’t be far behind. Put another way, if the Islamic world succeeds in conquering Israel, in wiping it off the map, it won’t be long before other Western nations (including the United States) are conquered too, which is precisely what Islam by definition is meant to do…have everyone live under the dictates of the Koran and according to Sharia law.

Is Western civilization in a war for it’s very existence with Islam? You bet it is. As far as Islam is concerned, we are all Jewish.

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