Canada’s rejection a mark of honor, not of shame, Re: Blame game begins as Canada loses out on UN Security Council seat, Vancouver Sun, October 13, 2010

Canadians should be unabashedly proud that Canada was rejected for a two year term on the United Nations Security Council. The rejection occurred primarily because Arab and Islamic nations voted as a bloc against it because of it’s stalwart support of Israel, the Middle East’s only democratic country and a nation that espouses Western values, contrary to those of the Arab and Islamic world.

If Canada’s quest for a seat on the Security Council was to be successful it would have had to curry favor with such bastions of freedom and human rights as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Libya and many others. This would have meant that Canada in effect endorsed their odious and atavistic attitudes and behavior and repudiated practically everything the country is supposed to stand for, including tolerance, multiculturalism, equality of the sexes, equal opportunity for all, the rule of law, democracy, freedom of religion and expression, gay rights, everything. The fact that Canada was rejected by the Arab/Islamic bloc because it refused to compromise it’s principles is a mark of honor, not of shame. Canadians shouldn’t blame their government for not gaining the seat. They should be proud of it for standing tall.

The country will be much better off for it and so will the world. Bullies and despots can never be appeased and Canada sent a strong, clear message to that effect, which is a very good thing indeed.

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