Decision a portent of things to come?, Re: Ruling offers blueprint for niqabs in court, Toronto Globe & Mail, October 14, 2010

This decision is absolutely disgraceful and is a direct threat to the civil liberties of all Canadians. What comes next, compromises on Canadian’s right to freedom of expression, to freedom of religion, to freedom of the press, to freedom of assembly, to their ability to think and act as independent human beings? Some things should be cast in stone in a country like Canada and one of them is the right of an accused person to face his or her accuser in open court. That is one of the fundamental building blocks of Canadian society, part of the foundation of Canada’s way of life, and simply should not be trifled with.

Canadians should protest vociferously against the decision and do everything they can to get it overturned. If it is not they will soon find that all of their other civil liberties are compromised too. After that they will find that they have all disappeared.

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