Bullies are so predictable, Re: Iranian leader aims to provoke Israel with border visit, Daily Telegraph, October 14, 2010

No one really knows the true purpose of President Ahmadinejad’s two day trip to Lebanon, notwithstanding the headline in the Telegraph. It could very well be that he wishes to provoke Israel, or provoke the United States, or demonstrate his power in order to coerce or frighten other Middle Eastern countries into lining up with Iran against the West, or shore up his support at home through what amounts to a carefully stage managed publicity stunt, or prime Hezbollah and the Lebanese people for a much anticipated and desired war against the Israelis, or increase his stature among the dictators and despots of the world, or use the visit to broadcast his odious, idiotic and atavistic ideas to the world. All of these possibilities have been speculated on, and more. I think the real reason is much simpler.

Ahmadinejad is a bully, and an overconfident one at that. He thinks of himself as ‘the cock of the walk’ and a person who has bested President Obama, the West and the Israelis in their efforts to rein him in and prevent Iran from carrying on with it’s murderous activities. He knows he is well on the way to developing and possessing nuclear weapons and thinks nothing and no one can stop him. His ego tells him he is untouchable. He has come to Lebanon to gloat and nothing more. He is there to rub America’s and Israel’s face in his achievements and their perceived inability to prevent them and to bask in his unbearable lightness of being, to coin a phrase. That is what bullies do when they think they are winning and all powerful as he does. They gloat.

This trip sends one very clear, unmistakable message. Ahmadinejad is going to precipitate a war in the Middle East very soon because he thinks he is stronger and more righteous than anyone else and cannot lose. That is also what bullies do…they make excuses and pick fights. He’ll start a war with Israel soon alright. That’s a big mistake on his part though because the Israelis are a lot tougher, ruthless and more capable than he is and will consign him to the dustbin of history where he belongs. Like all bullies he’ll lose in the end.

It’s a bigger mistake on our part for allowing him to get to this point however. It could all have been avoided if only we had the sense to stand up to him in the first place. That’s the only thing that bullies understand after all.

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