It’s not just Germany, Re: Germany Confronts the Failure of Multiculturalism, FrontPage Magazine, October 22, 2010

Germany isn’t the only nation in Europe that is confronting the failure of multiculturalism. Many other European country’s are confronting it too, including France, Switzerland and the Netherlands to name but three. There are even rumblings in Britain of all places as well.

There are two common denominators in multiculturalism’s failure throughout the continent…the refusal of vast numbers of Muslim immigrants to integrate into their host country, to subscribe to their host country’s norms and values and live their lives according to it’s laws and precepts and the fact that virtually all of the said immigrants are followers of Islam who see it’s religious imperatives as paramount and insist that the Germans, the French, the British, the Spanish, the Italians, everyone, change their ways to meet their needs instead of the other way around.

When Europeans confront multiculturalism what they’re really doing is fighting for cultural survival, fighting to prevent their cultures from being overwhelmed and taken over, fighting to keep Europe from becoming an Islamic continent instead of a free, democratic, Western, Judeo-Christian one. Islam is expansionist and uncompromising and brooks no opposition to it’s demands. Europeans are recognizing that it is incompatible with the nature of their societies, that it is changing the fundamental nature of their societies, which is why there is a growing backlash against it’s efforts to become predominant and against the multiculturalism doctrine that has always aided and abetted it. Islam won’t permit Europeans to be European, which is why it’s being confronted along with it’s enabler, multiculturalism. Simple as that.

Let’s hope it’s not too late. Europe is hanging in the balance. An Islamic Europe? It’s really not as inconceivable as you might think.

Thanks to multiculturalism, neither is an Islamic Canada.

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