Look, listen, learn and act, Re: Listen to moderate Muslim voices, National Post, October 28, 2010

Every time anything even marginally critical of Islam appears in the media apologists, Muslim or otherwise, respond by saying ‘moderate voices must be heard’ or ‘misconceptions about Islam are widespread’ or ‘Islam is really a religion of peace and tolerance’ or other such platitudes.

These pronouncements are dead wrong. What we must look at is how and why Islam manifests itself the way it does and what we must listen to are the cries of it’s victims, those that are still alive that is. If we did we would realize that Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance and that Muslims constantly commit heinous acts in it’s name everywhere on earth, North America included. We would realize that it is in fact not a religion at all and that it is a completely proscribed way of life which requires true believers to act in ways that are fundamentally at odds with free, democratic, secular, Judeo-Christian, Western societies. We would realize that Islam is expansionist and demands that non believers submit to it’s imperatives, with horrific consequences if they don’t. We would realize that the Koran is full of hatred and intolerance and misogyny, that Islam really hasn’t changed since it’s inception, that it’s very nature makes change virtually impossible and that the term ‘moderate Islam’ is complete hogwash.

Let there be no mistake. The vast majority of Muslims are every bit as peaceful and tolerant in their daily lives as you or I, but they are not true believers or practitioners even if they think they are. They couldn’t be because if they were every single one of them would be out to conquer us and bring us unders Islam’s sway.┬áModerate, peaceful, tolerant, integrated Muslims who are as American (or Canadian or British or French or whatever) as anyone else-absolutely. They are all around us. Moderate, peaceful, tolerant, integrated Islam-no such thing. Every day all over the world people are murdered, maimed, raped, attacked, vilified and humiliated under it’s aegis and according to it’s precepts and dictates. We have had 1400 years of this behaviour and the evidence is overwhelming and beyond dispute…moderate Islam simply does not exist and never has.

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for ordinary citizens to gain an accurate picture of Islam because the mainstream media is unwilling or unable to show it’s true colours, out of ignorance, political correctness, fear of retaliation or any number of other such reasons. The media would do us all a huge service if it did however. Islam is a direct and serious threat to Western civilization in general and must be seen for what it is if we are to keep it from destroying our way of life and forcing us all to live as it requires us to. Including moderate Muslims.

With horrific consequences if we don’t.

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