Bombs away, Re: Bombs Were Designed to Destroy Planes, U.S. Believes, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, October 31, 2010

United States security officials shouldn’t congratulate themselves too much because the bombs that were sent from Yemen were intercepted and neutralized. Al Qaeda is becoming more and more sophisticated and capable every day and it will learn from this failure, modify its techniques and continue to attempt to murder and maim Americans and destroy American assets, either overseas or in the homeland itself. That is a foregone conclusion.

It is also a foregone conclusion that they will be successful at some stage unless there are sweeping changes in Americas response to such threats and a given that those changes are not going to take place under the current administration in Washington e.g. as long as President Obama is in office. There will be some cosmetic changes to be sure but nothing really fundamental, which means that Al Qaeda or one of its offshoots or sympathizers will succeed in blowing up an airplane or bombing a football stadium full of spectators or setting off a car bomb or suicide vest in a crowded shopping area or some such thing. They have already been successful on a relatively small scale (remember Fort Hood) and will no doubt succeed on a larger scale as well. Obama and his minions are incapable of protecting the American people and our enemies will keep on taking full advantage of this. He doesn’t even recognize or understand who or what they really are so how can he take meaningful steps against them?

He can’t. He’ll never be able to either because his mindset and ideology make it impossible. Look at how much weaker and more vulnerable America and its allies have become since he took office. Look at how much stronger and more emboldened our enemies have become in the last two years. Look at the events we have had to deal with since he was sworn in and his utter failure to deal constructively with any of them. Feel safer and more secure since the last Presidential election do you?

What a farce. The man deserves to be removed from office on national security grounds alone, never mind anything else like his complete mishandling of the economy, the dogs breakfast that is Obamacare, his politics of division and intimidation and his trampling of the Constitution.

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