Its not over until its over, Re: An oblivious President, Washington Times, November 4, 2010

The landslide Republican victory in the recent mid term elections was not just a repudiation of President Obama’s big government, big spending socialist agenda that has caused enormous harm to individual Americans and the American economy, his ideology of appeasement and moral equivalency that has weakened America and its allies and made Americans much more vulnerable to attack from within and without, his politics of division and intimidation which have poisoned political discourse in the country and his arrogant, self centered, know it all mentality which makes real change impossible. No, it was much more than that.

The American people have just told the Republicans that it is incumbent upon them to undo the damage that Obama and the Democrats have caused and to implement the platforms and philosophy they ran on and that the White House is theirs in the 2012 Presidential election if those things are accomplished. Easier said than done because Obama and the Democrats will fight them every inch of the way, but necessary nonetheless.

There is one more thing that is incumbent upon all of us, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Tea Partiers, patriotic Americans of all stripes, everyone. We must prevent further damage from being inflicted, which could easily happen if we’re not careful.

Obama being Obama he will fail to recognize or understand just how bankrupt and dangerous his policies really are and will continue on the course he has set until he is no longer in office because he is incapable of doing anything else. He’ll just try to bypass Congress and achieve his aim to reshape the nation in different ways that’s all, perhaps through the use of Executive Orders or the issuing of regulations for example. He is not going to go quietly into the night or give up on his annointed task of transforming the United States. As President, he still retains enormous power to do exactly that, notwithstanding the will of the people as expressed in the mid term elections. It is something we must all be wary of and work very hard to keep from happening. We may see a kinder, gentler, more contrite, bi-partisan person on the surface (he is a politician after all) but we shouldn’t be fooled. The man is ruthless and determined and will stop at nothing…deceiving us and going behind our backs would be entirely in character.

Watch what he does not what he says, as the saying goes. And then stop it.

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