The timing says it all, Re: Global criticism of US stimulus, BBC News Website, November 5, 2010

The United States has announced that it is going to try and stimulate its economy by adding 600 billion dollars to the money it has already committed towards this purpose, even though the previous stimulus funds have fallen far short of achieving positive results and have been universally panned as being counterproductive and shortsighted. There is global criticism of this stimulus attempt as well.

The announcement came in the midst of wall to wall coverage of the U.S. mid term elections and was undoubtedly made during that time to minimize exposure because the government knew that spending an additional 600 billion dollars would be very unpopular and engender a great deal of criticism…its safe to say that the government tried to sneak this past the American people by making the announcement when it did. The timing was no accident, that’s for sure.

This is more than just continued economic incompetence, well lunacy, on the part of the Obama administration. It is President Obama showing us that he is going to plow ahead with his failed, ideologically motivated policies even though they were massively rejected by Americans in the mid terms and even if he has to do it in a devious, underhanded manner. That’s not just in economics either. Its in all other areas too, including the most important one of all, national security.

To paraphrase what I said in the previous post “Watch what he does, not what he says. And then stop it.”

Our future depends on it.

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