Just think what could be accomplished if…, Re: UN ranks U.S. 4th, Israel 15th in report card on living standards, American Thinker, November 4, 2010

The United Nations Human Development Program issues a comprehensive annual report about the state of human development in member nations. The report’s most salient feature is its human development index or HDI, which evaluates countries on three main criteria, health, education and personal income. This information is extrapolated into a picture of the quality of life in each nation because it speaks directly to criteria such as public health, educational opportunities and income levels. It is quite simply the most comprehensive and authoritative report on quality of life in the world’s countries that exists.

The 2010 report placed Israel 15th out of 169 nations that were measured, just behind Switzerland and France and well ahead of countries such as Italy, Spain, Denmark and perhaps most notably, the United Kingdom. No nation in the Middle East came anywhere close to Israel, nor did any country in the Islamic world. This comes on the heels of Israel being accepted into the OECD, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, which confirmed her status as one of the world’s elite economic nations and a country whose “scientific and technological policies have achieved outstanding outcomes on a world scale”.

Just think what the Israeli’s could accomplish if they weren’t constantly besieged by their neighbors, if they weren’t continually threatened with annihilation on a national level and with being maimed and murdered on an individual one, if they didn’t have to devote an inordinately high proportion of their overall budget and Gross National Product to national defense, if their national psyche wasn’t preoccupied with survival or encumbered by sorrow and loss and worry, if they could live their lives in peace and safety and security…if the Palestinians and the rest of the Arab/Islamic world came to their senses and removed the albatross from around her neck. Just think about how much better everyone’s lives would be if they did, theirs included.

Just think about how inhuman and atavistic their attitudes and behavior towards Israel really are and what they are costing us all every day, not just the Israelis. Then think about the fact that it isn’t just Israel that is in the Islamic world’s sights. So is Western civilization in general, the United States in particular and anyone or anyplace that values freedom and choice and doesn’t wish to live under Islam’s yoke.

Israel’s existence is really a triumph of the human spirit. Whether or not we are smart enough and strong enough to keep that spirit from being extinguished is questionable. The time to fight is now, before its too late-for the Israelis and for us.

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