Plenty of blame to go around, Re: Netanyahu warns that world must take action against Iran, Jerusalem Post, November 8, 2010

The world won’t do any such thing.

Military action against Iran’s nuclear development facilities is the only means of keeping nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands. Sanctions, threats or anything else will simply not suffice. There are only two countries that could conceivably launch a successful attack, the United States and Israel. As long as President Obama is in office there is no possibility whatsoever of the U.S. using its military to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, no matter how much it insists that “all options are on the table”. Unless Israeli’s act on their own Iran will possess nuclear weapons in the next year or so and will use them against Israel in an attempt to obliterate the country, to wipe it off the map.

That’s reality, which is why we can expect a unilateral Israeli attack in due course. There is no other way to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear power and attacking as soon as she is able to, none at all. The choice is simple for Israel. Its kill or be killed, sad to say.

When the time comes you can blame Islam, Iran and Obama in that order. You can even throw in Ahmadinejad, although he is really nothing more than a puppet and a useful idiot for the Mullahs in Teheran. You can’t blame the Israeli’s though because they’ll just be doing what is necessary to survive.

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