A very fitting tribute, Re: Valuing our veterans, Washington Times, November 10, 2010

The two best ways to honor our veterans on this November 11 are to remember what they fought, suffered and died for in the first place and to refuse to surrender to those who want to take our hard won freedoms away. Veterans went to war to keep freedoms light burning brightly, to keep it from being extinguished. Our freedom remains threatened to this day and their sacrifices would be in vain if we lost it, which is entirely possible.

Freedom’s implacable foe and deadliest enemy is Islam and if we are not careful it will destroy our way of life and bring us all under its power. Those of us it hasn’t killed for refusing to submit that is. Because of its pernicious influence many of the rights we take for granted such as freedom of expression have already been compromised or eliminated and its impact on how we live our lives is expanding day by day. We are not nearly as free in any number of ways since Islam began making inroads into our society and we are becoming less and less free all the time.

Removing the shackles that we have allowed Islam to place on us and standing up for the principles and liberties which make our country what it is would be a very fitting tribute to our veterans. After all, they fought, suffered and died for a free America, not an Islamic one. These are not easy tasks but we must accomplish them if we don’t want our children to live under Islam’s banner. Say yes to America and no to Islam…that should be the message this Veterans Day.

That and thank you to all those who wore, and wear, the uniform.

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