Oh yes it is, Re: Killing Christians not a part of Islam, National Post, November 20, 2010

The trouble with letters like that is many people believe them and think the sentiments which are expressed are true, especially if the writer is Muslim or has a Muslim sounding name. The fact is those who write such letters either know little or nothing about Islam or are trying to whitewash it on purpose and mislead the reader. Islam sanctions lying to and misleading non-believers by the way.

Killing Christians is most certainly part of Islam. Every single day Christians are murdered and mutilated, among other things, in its name all over the world. At its core Islam is a way of life requiring non-believers to submit to its dictates and religious imperatives or face horrific consequences. Christians have been victimized throughout history up to the present time as a result, not only through violence but through being classed as inferior, ethnic cleansing and apartheid as well. The treatment of Christians in the Islamic world today is no different than it has ever been, those that are left that is.

To deny that is to deny reality, history and Islam itself. Doing so can only be done for one of two reasons-ignorance or some ulterior motive like making the imposition of Islamic law (sharia) palatable, even though everything about it is fundamentally at odds with the principles and values our society and the rest of the free world are built on.

Killing Christians is not a part of Islam. What a big fat falsehood that is. Or to put it another way, bull…

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