Acid test imminent for America and Obama, Re: South Korea says it will unleash ‘enormous retaliation’ if North strikes again, Yahoo News, November 23, 2010

The world is about to find out whether the United States under President Obama will meet its commitments and defend its allies and friends in their time of need.

North Korea is escalating its attacks on South Korea and forcing the South Koreans to respond militarily to their provocations. This is leading to all out war between the two countries, which could commence at any moment and will no doubt happen sooner rather than later in any case. While South Korea’s military is very capable the North is an extremely formidable foe with its massive army and ability to use nuclear weapons against the South. South Korea cannot defeat the North or prevent large scale destruction and huge numbers of casualties in the country on its own, which of course is where the Americans come in. Hopefully. The United States is firmly committed to the defense of the South but whether or not this means that Obama will actually allow the U.S. to be drawn into a shooting war with North Korea remains to be seen, especially since it could easily lead to a shooting war with┬áChina in turn.

This is a true acid test for America and President Obama. South Korea is an important, strategic, long term ally and friend of the United States and if she can’t depend on the U.S. at a time like this who can? No one, that’s who. The message to other allies and friends around the world would be crystal clear if there was no intervention…you’re on your own and don’t count on the American military to come to your assistance regardless of the circumstances. Needless to say, the message would also be crystal clear to our enemies as well and they wouldn’t hesitate to act on it.

Speculation about why the North Koreans are attacking the South Koreans and why their Chinese puppetmasters are allowing them to do so is rife. Such speculation is irrelevant at present. The attacks are happening and it is safe to say they will do nothing but increase in frequency and severity until they are stopped. Is Obama smart enough and strong enough to do exactly that when called upon? Let’s hope so because if he isn’t South Korea is finished, America’s status as leader and defender of the free world is over and regional wars will break out everywhere. That’s the best case scenario, not the worst by any means.

Support the South Koreans Barack, support the South Koreans.

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