Sensible Swiss, Re: Swiss approve foreign criminal initiative,, November 28, 2010

The people of Switzerland have voted in a national referendum to automatically deport foreigners residing in the country who have been found guilty of committing serious crimes or welfare fraud. The proposal passed in 18 out of 26 cantons and 53% of those voting were in favor of it. The Swiss Federal Government said it would begin working to implement the newly passed proposal immediately.

While the proposal was not aimed at any particular group it is obvious that it will have a disproportionate effect on Muslim foreigners if the rest of Europe can be used as a barometer. A very high number and percentage of Muslim foreigners in Switzerland and elsewhere in Europe (see Britain, France and Germany for example) do commit serious crimes or welfare fraud. Or both. Given the Islamic mindset and track record it is safe to say that this subset is higher in the Muslim foreigner community than in other groups of foreigners. Deporting perpetrators will make citizen’s lives safer and reduce the chances of their being victimized plus dramatically reduce welfare costs. As an added bonus there will also be a negative impact on the Islamization of Swiss society as well since many of the Muslim foreigners who run afoul of the law will have been involved with trying to Islamize the country.

The newly passed proposal is eminently fair and reasonable. All it is really saying is that foreigners, Muslim or otherwise, who wish to continue to reside in Switzerland must respect the country’s laws and institutions and live their lives accordingly…they are welcome if they do and aren’t if they don’t. Those who say Islamophobia, racism and prejudice against Muslims are really at its root should be disregarded. The proposal deals with foreign criminality and welfare fraud in general, not Muslim criminality and welfare fraud in particular.

Well done Switzerland. Hopefully other European countries will follow your example and introduce similiar laws of their own. Crime and welfare fraud will be reduced and Islamization will be slowed at the very least for those that do, both of which are all to the good.

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