An Islamic Christmas Coming, Re: It Just Isn’t Christmas without a Muslim Bombing, Canada Free Press, November 29, 2010

The attempt by a 19 year old Somalia born naturalized United States citizen named Mohamed Osman Mohamud to murder and maim hundreds if not thousands of Americans at a Christmas tree lighting in Portland Oregon will most likely be the first of many such attempts to sow death and destruction in the U.S. this Christmas season. Islamists seem to have concluded that killing people in large numbers at this time of year will give them the biggest bang for the buck so to speak and it is virtually a foregone conclusion that unrepentant, cold blooded killers like Mohamud will try to set off car bombs in crowded places, blow up airplanes, detonate explosives at sporting events and so on as they seek to do exactly that, all in the name of Islam of course.

Hopefully none of these attempts will succeed but the fact that they will take place should unnerve and alarm us all. After the holidays are over perhaps we will be wise enough to recognize the true nature of Islam and understand how much of a menace to our existence it really represents. Maybe we’ll even be disgusted, angry and worried enough to take serious, concrete measures to combat it and overcome the plague that it is. Serious means serious. Profiling, deportations, tightening up immigration practices, revocation of citizenship, refusing to succumb to threats or intimidation and rejecting accusations of Islamophobia or prejudice against Muslims all come to mind, among other things. The Transportation Security Administration’s silly plan to pat down all air passengers or send them through security screening devices doesn’t.

A serious, well thought out campaign to combat and overcome Islamic terror and the will and determination to execute it…what wonderful presents those would be.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all make it home safely.

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