Futile and foolish, Re: Washington begins search for a fresh peace initiative, Jerusalem Post, December 8, 2010

Any fresh peace initiative Washington comes up with is doomed to fail because the Palestinians don’t want peace with Israel and never have. They have never demonstrated their willingness and ability to live in peace with Israel. Never. All they have ever demonstrated is their unbridled hatred of Jews and their fervent wish to destroy the Jewish state. Everything they do has two goals in mind and two goals only-to remove Israel from the face of the earth and rid the land of Jewish people. That is the case today and that has been the case from the very beginning and any honest, unbiased reading of history will confirm it. Peace is simply not possible until this changes and since change is not going to happen in the foreseeable future any initiative by Washington is both futile and foolish. Futile because it has no chance of success and foolish because the United States doesn’t recognize that fact and is pressing on at great cost to her own national security interests and prestige. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians will come when the Palestinians truly desire it and actually make the necessary changes in their attitudes and behavior to achieve it, not before. Until then, any initiative by Washington is a waste of time and energy and makes the U.S. look ignorant, impotent, clumsy and desperate.

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