Obama is no Kennedy, Re: Obama Ignores Missile Crisis, American Thinker, December 10, 2010

Iran is planning to put medium range missiles in Venezuela which could hit targets in the United States. This is a serious threat to the national security of the U.S., probably the most serious threat she faces today. Iran’s hatred of America and revulsion for all things American is palpable and constant vilification and denunciation of the United States, otherwise known as the Great Satan, is a feature of Iranian life and has been for many years. The only possible reason Iran would place missiles in Venezuela is to use them against the U.S. There is no other explanation. Given the fact that the Iranians may soon possess nuclear weapons and already have missiles capable of delivering them their intent is clear. Israel, the Little Satan, is not the only┬ánation that is in Iran’s line of fire. America is too.

None of this is news to President Obama. The question is, what is he going to do about it? The answer is, nothing. That’s right, nothing. One thing and one thing only can keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands and prevent the Iranian’s from using them against the United States and Israel. That is the destruction of Iran’s nuclear development facilities and the elimination of its ability to produce nuclear weapons. A military attack is the only way to achieve this. Unfortunately, Obama will never authorize the American military to attack Iran, no matter what the circumstances are. We can speculate on the reasons from now until doomsday but it simply is not going to happen.

Enter Israel. While President Obama is a weak, feckless narcissist and ideologue who has been taken advantage of by America’s enemies since the day he took office the Israelis have no illusions and will in the end attack and destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities as a matter of national survival. That is going to happen in fairly short order because Iran is on the cusp of becoming a nuclear power and Israel cannot wait much longer, notwithstanding the relative success of the Stuxnet computer worm. Millions of lives will be saved in the Middle East when it does and so will millions of lives in the United States. It will also be a giant step towards peace and stability in the world as the globe’s leading exporter of state sponsored terrorism and arguably the most war mongering country on the planet will be neutered.

No thanks to President Obama. Unlike President Kennedy who stood up to the Russians during the Cuban missile crisis Obama doesn’t have the cojones to stand up to anyone. That is something America’s enemies are well aware of, which makes the world much more dangerous and volatile and jeopardizes all of our lives.

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