Yes, Re: Is Obama’s fate already sealed?, Commentary Magazine Website, January 5, 2011

Yes its sealed alright. It was sealed the minute he took the oath of office and began to ram through his left wing, socialist, big government domestic agenda and his apologetic, weak-kneed, feeble foreign policy.

He is destined to become a one term President because his actions on the domestic front are fundamentally at odds with American history, values, politics and the Constitution and have diminished the lives of ordinary Americans and because his actions on the foreign policy front have emboldened America’s enemies and made Americans much more vulnerable, not to mention alienating her friends and allies, seriously eroding her role as leader and protector of the free world and in the main making the earth much more dangerous and volatile.

From the farce that is Obamacare to the ruinous economy to the massive and growing debt to increased terorist attacks on the American homeland to Afghanistan, Iran, the Middle East, the Far East and international relations in general to his prevarications, omissions and extravagances there are failures of competence and character everywhere, with every indication that things will get worse not better. Because everyone has taken the measure of the man and found him wanting and because he cannot change his personality and ideology there is virtually no chance of mitigation in any of these areas or others too numerous to mention in the remaining years of his Presidency. Two years is not enough time to undo the damage anyway, especially since no one takes him seriously anymore.

American’s will correct their mistake in the next election and the process of renewal will begin. As for Obama, he will go down in history as a colossal failure who very nearly presided over the demise of the United States and Western civilization. In keeping with his exalted intellectual status he’ll probably end up writing books and teaching in some Ivy League institution, all the while revising history and blaming everyone else for his transgressions. He certainly won’t be running anything because he is not capable of doing so.

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