Harper has it right, Re: Canadian PM tells Muslims not to expect special treatment after Mounties apologize for Ramadan jihad terror arrests, Jihad Watch, January 7, 2011

Prime Minister Harper minced no words on January 6 when he said that there is one law for all Canadians and religious groups in Canada should not expect special treatment regarding its enforcement. He was responding to reports that members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police had apologized for arresting Muslims during Ramadan last summer on charges related to terrorism. Ramadan is an Islamic holy month.

Religion cannot be allowed to infiltrate the essence, interpretation or application of the law and Harper should be commended for making these unambiguous statements and upholding Canadian values and legal principles. Like every other Western country Canada is under attack by Islamists who would like to see it turned into an Islamic theocracy governed by sharia law. The fact that the Prime Minister was willing to make such clear, definitive statements speaks very well for him and his government. Other national leaders, particularly United States President Obama, wouldn’t have done the same in similiar circumstances or would have expressed weasel words and sentiments. Harper showed leadership and strength and we should be very glad he did. We are going to be fighting Islamists attempts to bring us under Islam’s heel for a long time and it is a war we could very well lose. The more strong leaders we have on our side the better.

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