They can’t be serious, Re: China stealth jet is no reason to boost U.S. defense spending, Los Angeles Times, January 11, 2011

The Pentagon recently announced cuts to the United States defense budget totaling 78 billion dollars over the next five years.

China is dramatically increasing the size and scope of its miitary in order to achieve parity with and eventually surpass the United States as the world’s pre-emminent power. This includes a large-scale increase in its nuclear capabilities, building missiles that can destroy satellites, developing weapons that can target aircraft carriers, upgrading its conventional forces and operationalizing stealth fighter bombers.

American Defense Secretary Robert Gates just said that North Korea was becoming a direct threat to the United States and that the Koreans were within five years of being able to launch nuclear armed ballistic missiles at the continental U.S.

The Russian military is becoming much stronger as Russia’s economy has dramatically improved and she is able to pour way more money into it than she was able to in the recent past. This poses a direct security threat to the United States and American interests around the world.

Iran is close to possessing nuclear weapons and already has the means to deliver them. The Iranians could easily choose to attack America or her allies in the Middle East and Europe in the foreseeable future.

Pakistan is a nuclear power that could implode at any time with catastrophic results for the United States.

Islam is on the march everywhere and brings with it global terrorist networks, the threat of dirty bombs, nuclear armed rogue states, mass murderers, Islamic states that harbor terrorists and support terror against the U.S. and the West and a myriad of other plagues.

Countries like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Israel and India, among others, are increasing their defense budgets exponentially to counter external threats because they can no no longer depend on America to defend them or deter their enemies, particularly China, Russia and Iran.

Reduce the defense budget by 78 billion dollars? These guys must be out of their minds. Given the world we live in and the threats to our way of life and very existence it should be increased by 78 billion, not the other way around.

This wouldn’t have anything to do with the United States being broke because of President Obama’s ill advised, politically motivated, ideologically driven attempts to rescue the U.S economy by increasing the deficit and debt to virtually unfathomable levels and basically bankrupting the country could it? Or perhaps he thinks a weak America somehow makes us safer and less vulnerable? Either way, Obama and the Democrats have to be thwarted soon before we reach the point of no return.

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