That they do, Re: Different faiths, same goals, Letters Page, National Post, January 12, 2011

Canada’s two national newspapers, the National Post and the Toronto Globe & Mail, continually print letters and articles about Islam that are patently untrue. This is very annoying and calls their journalistic competence and integrity into question. It also does a terrible disservice to their readers because they get presented with a picture of Islam that is sanitized and has nothing to do with reality, past or present. Islam is in fact a religion of submission, conquest, hatred and death and always has been. It is completely uncompromising. It poses a serious threat to Canada’s way of life and if left unchecked will fundamentally change Canadian society. Islamization in Europe and around the world is a scourge and the last thing Canadians need is for it to take root in Canada. Post and Globe readers need to be aware of this and so do Canadians in general. Running pieces that blur or overlook the true nature of Islam helps keep them from being informed.

The letter referred to above is a prime example of what I am talking about. Saying that Islam promotes pluralism or has ever promoted pluralism is simply not true. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. As for using Muhammad’s example to defuse the clash of civilizations which is happening all over the earth…that’s just plain nonsense. His behavior has no place in civilized societies and completely contradicts Canadian, and Western, values. Canadians shouldn’t be using his example for anything. They should be rejecting and fighting it.

The letter’s author is either being disingenuous about Islam or knows nothing about it.

The Post and Globe are both going to have to do much better if they want to be taken seriously about matters Islamic.

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