Hey Joe, Re: Biden says US ‘not the enemy of Islam’, Pakistan News 24, January 13, 2011

During a news conference with Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani in Islamabad earlier this week American Vice President Joe Biden said ” We are not the enemies of Islam and we embrace those who practice that great religion in all our country.”

This is the latest example of the blinders that the current United States administration has on when it comes to the true nature of Islam and the heinous acts that are committed in its name every day all over the world, including in Pakistan and the U.S. itself. There is also of course the serious threat it poses to the very existence of America and the rest of Western civilization. If we are not the enemy of Islam we should be because Islam certainly sees us as its enemy and Islamists everywhere are working very hard to bring about our downfall. That includes individual Islamists (homegrown ones too), Islamic organizations such as al-Qaeda and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Islamic states such as Iran.

Hey Joe, do we embrace Islamic terror, you know, murdering and maiming people in the name of Islam? How about the persecution of Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims that has been going on since Islam came into being 1400 years ago-do we embrace that? Do we embrace Islam’s treatment of women and children? What about Islam’s uncompromising supremacism and unbending imperatives like submission and conquest which have resulted in bloodshed and sorrow from the very beginning? Do we embrace Islam’s attempts to turn the United States and other Western countries into Islamic states and have us all live under its sway? Suicide bombers, sharia, burning churches and synagogues, destroying our hard won freedoms, taking over our streets, creating no go zones for the police and ordinary citizens in our cities, changing laws and customs to accommodate its requirements, Islamization, lawfare, turning us all into unquestioning, unthinking, robotic automatons-that’s what the practice of Islam is really all about…do we embrace those?

Joe, we better not because if we do our way of life will be a thing of the past and we will all be back in the seventh century living under a barbaric, ruthless creed that is the antithesis of the pluralistic, free, democratic, secular society we live in now. Islam is our enemy alright because its very essence makes it so, indeed compels it to be so. The sooner we recognize that and take serious steps to beat back Islam’s attack on virtually everything we stand for and hold dear the better. We’re already much further behind than we should be.

And no, there can’t be any compromise. Islam doesn’t allow compromise.

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