What happens now?, Re: Islam: ‘A religion of peace’, National Post, January 22, 2011

Rena Hussain is dead wrong when she says that Islam is a religion of peace. It is exactly the opposite. It is a religion of intolerance, violence, hatred, misogyny, cruelty, war and death. It is supremacist and completely uncompromising and conquest and submission of non believers is at the very core of its being. That is the case now and that is the case since it first came into existence 1400 years ago. Denying any of this is denying reality.

If Ms. Hussain opened her mind and eyes she would see Islam as it really is. She would also recognize and understand that it is fundamentally at odds with free, democratic, secular Western societies and that it is the single greatest threat to Western civilization which exists today.

What happens now Ms. Hussain? Will I be attacked or killed for expressing these views? Will the National Post or any of its staff members be attacked for printing them? That’s what happens under Islam you know.

Religion of peace my foot. What a pile of you know what that is.

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