Turkish twaddle about Israeli Commission of Inquiry, Re: Israeli Panel Rules Flotilla Raid Legal, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, January 23, 2011

An Israeli Commission of Inquiry has found that Israel acted according to international law when it enforced its blockade of Gaza by intercepting ships in international waters last May and that the blockade itself was and is within the bounds of international law as well. The commission also concluded that Israeli commandos acted in self defense when they killed nine Turks who attacked them when they boarded one of the ships. The Commission’s report was described as “independent and rigorous” by the respected international observers attached to it. It was rejected outright by the Government of Turkey and the usual spectrum of anti-Israel individuals and groups though.

This is entirely expected and the rejections have to be seen for what they are, specious and disingenuous. International law is very clear on matters such as this and there is no doubt that Israel is well within its rights to enact and enforce the blockade. There is also no doubt that the violence which ensued was orchestrated and precipitated by the so called “activists” on board the ship and that the deaths resulted from their actions, not the Israeli’s. Those who think differently have an ulterior motive e.g. bringing about Israel’s demise, and their knee jerk rejection should be seen in this context. Rejecting the Commission’s findings, or attempting to breach the blockade in the first place for that matter, has nothing to do with somehow improving the lot of Palestinians in Gaza or upholding the sanctity of international law or an honest, objective, unbiased review of the facts. It has everything to do with weakening and destroying Israel and is based on hatred of the Jewish state. Call it anti-Semitic or not but that is exactly what the rejections are based on.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, has said that the Commission’s report had no “value or credibility.” It had no value or credibility for him because its conclusions disagreed with his own preconceived, self serving, politically and religiously motivated beliefs. It would have had an enormous amount of value and credibility for him and others who share his mentality if its conclusions were different however. Thats called hypocrisy, which means, among other things, that Erdogan’s pronouncements are nothing more than Turkish twaddle.

Want to know what else is hypocritical? It is hypocritical to imply that Turkey would have acted any differently if faced with the same set of circumstances. What else was Israel supposed to do, lie back and succumb? No sovereign nation would do that, Turkey included.

Turkish twaddle sums it up nicely.

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