Hamas and Al Jazeera Collaborate Against the Palestinian Authority, Re: Palestinians react angrily to al-Jazeera’s ‘Palestine Papers’, Washington Post, January 25, 2011

Al Jazeera’s release of the ‘Palestine Papers’ is a transparent attempt to bolster Hamas and remove Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority from any position of consequence in future dealings with Israel and the fabric of Palestinian life. Hamas has already called on Palestinians to protest alleged concessions the Palestinian Authority was supposedly willing to make in peace negotiations with Israel and more interneccine battles are coming as Al Jazeera and Hamas act together to undermine it and the PA tries to defend itself. For example, Al Jazeera will be broadcasting a story shortly on the Palestinian Authority allegedly collaborating with the Israeli military which Hamas will try to use to its advantage and the PA will try to blunt.

Both Al Jazeera and Hamas are hard line entities that have no interest in peace with Israel and by branding Abbas and the Palestinian Authority as traitors to the Palestinian cause and removing them from the equation they can finish off the peace process altogether and get on with their avowed goal of destroying Israel. Collusion between Al Jazeera and Hamas was bound to happen because both see the Palestinian Authority as too weak and an obstacle to their path that has to be removed, which is of course what they are working together to do.

Judging by the reaction of the Palestinian people they will succeed in their effort. Anger and disgust among Palestinians over the alleged concessions is palpable and it is obvious that they are unwilling to make the necessary compromises to make peace a reality. Israelis have known this for a very long time. Al Jazeera, Hamas and the Palestinians are making it clear to the rest of the world now too. Compromises, concessions, honest negotiations, peace…forget it, those things are not possible because that’s not what they want.

What they want is what they’ve always wanted-to get rid of Israel, nothing less. Goodbye peace, hello war, that’s what the papers are really telling us.

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