State of the Union speech had nothing to do with the state of the union, Re: Obama’s 2011 State of the Union speech, Washington Times, January 26, 2011

President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night had nothing to do with the actual state of the union. Instead, it had everything to do with trying to put a positive spin on things and convincing the American people that more of the same policies and actions on his part will solve the massive problems the United States faces, some of which he inherited to be sure but all of which have become worse on his watch as a result of his misplaced agenda and ideology and his ruthless, narcissistic personality.

He failed on both counts because all his skills as an orator and salesman couldn’t contradict the facts on the ground. A 9% unemployment rate (which doesn’t include people who have given up looking for work), debt loads that are unfathomable, an economy which is in shambles, serious and growing terrorist threats, increasing poverty and hopelessness, government that is becoming bigger and more intrusive as we speak, the absence of civility in political and daily life, Islamisation in the U.S. and the rest of the free world, North Korea, Iran, the Middle East, Obamacare,¬†more and more bad news every day everywhere you look…even he couldn’t put a positive spin on any of that. The general reaction to the speech also tells us he can’t convince anyone anymore that matters will improve under his stewardship.

Obama closed the speech by saying the¬†union is strong. It isn’t. Its in deep trouble on any number of fronts and the problems are constantly being exacerbated because he isn’t capable of dealing with them. The speech was riddled with contradictions, omissions, exaggerations, platitudes and falsehoods and Americans will see it for precisely what it was-political theater divorced from reality. Despite Obama’s pronouncements and his proclivity to blame everyone else except himself the country is in much worse shape since he took office in every important area there is, the economy, foreign affairs, domestic and social issues, everything. All we really got in the speech was a promise to stay on the same failed course.

Obama doesn’t know any better but the American people certainly do. They made their feelings known in the recent midterm elections and will bring his whole sorry Presidency to an end in 2012.

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