Duty calls-will Obama answer?, Re: Egyptian protesters want Mubarak out by Friday, CBC News Website, January 31, 2011

The current unrest in Egypt demands one thing of President Obama and one thing only. He has to act in the best interests of the United States. Period. Nothing else matters. If he does that he will stand squarely behind President Mubarak and let the world know in no uncertain terms that the U.S. will not tolerate an Islamic government in Cairo because it would seriously threaten America in many and varied ways.

Mubarak may have his faults but he has been a loyal ally of the United States for thirty years and his government is infinitely more preferable than an Islamic one. He is also more than capable of instituting necessary reforms and in fact has already begun to do so. Let there be no doubt, if Mubarak’s government falls it would be replaced by an Islamic cabal which would view the U.S. as its mortal enemy and would do everything it could to bring America to its knees.

It might even succeed.

Obama has to recognize and understand this and act resolutely now, while there is still some hope of salvaging the situation. If Mubarak falls and Egypt is lost the consequences for the United States would be catastrophic, in the Middle East, around the world and in the American homeland as well. Obama’s sworn duty is to prevent that from happening. The question is whether he has the strength, sense and moral fiber to meet his obligations, to rise to the occasion and answer the call.

All indications are that he does not…but of course the Muslim Brotherhood and all the other Islamists orchestrating and carrying out the unrest in Egypt already knew that, which is why its occurring on his watch. They’re doing it because they can get away with it, whereas they wouldn’t be able to with a stronger President in office.

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