Obama the Islamist, Re: Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood, FrontPage Magazine, February 3, 2011

President Obama’s response to the unrest in Egypt has shown the world beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is an Islamist who does not have the best interests of the United States at heart, as if any Islamist ever does. There is no other possible explanation for his actions. Deserting President Mubarak and paving the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to turn Egypt into an Islamic state are not the actions of a person whose primary concern is the security of the U.S. They are the actions of a person whose primary concern is hastening the advance of Islam in the Middle East and beyond. This is a direct and serious threat to America and everything it stands for (perhaps even to its very existence) and Obama’s actions are unconscionable and traitorous.

That’s right, traitorous. Purposely taking steps that patently imperil the United States is traitorous and that is exactly what Obama has done. Throwing a dependable longtime friend and ally like Mubarak to the wolves is bad enough. Opening the door for the Muslim Brotherhood and ushering it through is beyond belief.

The Muslim Brotherhod is an organization that is steeped in hatred and disgust for the U.S. and the West and advocates an armed, violent struggle to conquer the world for Islam and Allah. It is completely uncompromising and wishes to turn Egypt into an Islamic theocracy like the one in Iran because that will advance its cause, speed up the destruction of Israel and America and bring an Islamic Caliphate that much closer to fruition. It has tentacles everywhere, including the U.S., and has been working very hard for many years to undermine and overthrow America and its institutions. It also inspired Hamas, al-Qaeda and various other offshoots and has sown discord and bloodshed wherever it has been. When events play out and the Muslim Brotherhood is in power in Egypt as it undoubtedly will be it will be an enormous step forward for the MB and an enormous step backward for the United States and the West.

Steps which Obama facilitated and orchestrated.

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